Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Spider Man Re-Design Process

original design
Commissioner wanted a "turn around" of Spider Man based on this design I did a few years back for a contest. Or so I thought...
mask and glove ideas
Ended up with a lot of changes. Most of the details on this design came from the commissioner, who has been very specific and supplied a lot of references. My only real contribution to the look is the "spider face" gloves.
web shooter, boots, spider logo
Webs radiating out from the spider on chest look cool here, but they direct the viewers eye away from the face, which I find distracting. I like the idea that the web shooters have triggers that look like legs and spinnerets.
back designs
My original back design was bugging me (no pun intended) because it reminded me of Galactus' helmet. 

color options
nearly finished line art
 Still needs some minor (hopefully) tweaking and adjustments, but this is more or less what I'm calling the final line art. The guy who requested this is way specific about the proportions (he even sent me YouTube videos about rock climbers with "ape" proportions) so I slimmed him down a little compared to the version above.

This is only a small taste of the amount of work that has gone into a $25 commission.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pokemon Process - Typhlosion


Find a couple good animal references.

Rough blue line sketch, tighten lines.

Quick colors, eye drop from original pokemon art.

Smudge colors, play around with details and layer modes.

Just a few more color adjustments and some more detail on the nose.